Stock-Investing Directory (continued)

Fund Companies

Vanguard. Large company that offers a vast line of mutual funds and ETFs with low maintenance costs. Specialized in index investing. They provide brokerage, for non-Vanguard instruments too, and other value-added services for retirement, college and institutional savings.

Fidelity. Another large fund company suitable for the buy & hold investor, with a similar profile and product line as Vanguard.

T. Rowe Price. Very-well regarded mutual fund company, providing a complete line of low-maintenance-cost funds for individuals and institutions.

iShares. Big players in the exchange-traded fund (ETF) market, by Barclays Global Investors. Through their multi-lingual site, they provide information about their extensive line of broad and specialized ETFs.

The Royce Funds. Small-cap fund provider, open and closed end. They carry an assorted line of small-cap funds with different focuses.

Invesco PowerShares. They offer numerous ETFs, broad and specialized, including a line of Active ETFs.

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