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Simple Stock Investing is a website that provides guiding information for individual and institutional investors who already invest, or want to invest, in the stock and bond markets through portfolios of well-established, regulated funds. These include open-ended funds (commonly known as mutual funds) and funds that are traded at stock exchanges, such as closed-end funds (CEFs) and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The articles are inclined towards a buy-and-hold investing philosophy, compliant with Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), although the information provided may be useful for other kinds of investing as well.

The scope of our tutorials and informational articles is targeted for beginner and more advanced investors. We intend to provide beginners with means for educating themselves in the advantages of fund investing, and in several concepts that they can put to practice to improve the risk-adjusted performance of their investments. The name of this website refers to stocks so as to appeal to visitors who are considering an investment in securities but might not know (yet) that funds are adequate instruments for that purpose. Resources that may be of special interest to beginners are our investing guide, articles that explain relevant concepts and reviews of literature and other websites.

On the other hand, for intermediate and advanced investors, we provide research results useful for making decisions, such as articles that review the performance of individual funds, sample portfolios or the market as a whole, with a focus in MPT metrics, tax efficiency and controlled risk. A directory of selected resources related to the scope of this website is also provided.

Although Simple Stock Investing is not a news site, it is a continuous work in progress. The article base and the other sections will grow and experience corrections and updates. We publish a syndicated feed with short descriptions of every new article, for users who are interested in keeping up to date with the contents of our site.

All content in this website is original. If we cite another resource, we care to indicate it. The sources for the information we use in our research articles are also referenced, when the extent of their use justifies it.

We do not sell products or services, neither fee based, commission based or any whatsoever, other than the advertising space and affiliate links you can see throughout the site. The advertisements shown (not including the affiliate links) are automatically generated by third-parties such as Google and Amazon, so they shouldn't be taken as endorsements. The affiliate links are endorsements only when indicated and to the extent shown (e.g., "recommended books"). We are not affiliated in any other way to investment companies or service providers.

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