Privacy Policy

At, we respect the privacy of our users. No personally-identifiable information is collected from them, unless they provide it through emails sent to the address given in our contact-us page. In that case, the information is collected for the purposes of answering the emails only, and we will make no disclosure of the data, unless properly authorized by the referred person, or if a reasonable assurance exists, that the disclosure is required for compliance with legal procedures or to protect the rights or property of our users, our suppliers and us.

This website uses third-party advertising companies to serve ads when people visit it. These third-party companies may use information about visits, in order to tailor the ads to each user's particular interests. The information gathered is non-personally-identifying data only, as such it will not include name, address, email address, nor telephone number. To learn more about these practices and how to manage your privacy by choosing not to have this information delivered to these companies, you can visit the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) website.

As can be read in the NAI website, you may chose not to have your non-personally-identifying data collected by the aforementioned third-party advertising companies, by visiting their websites and opting out of cookies (if the vendor offers such capability). These websites are the following:

This list is subject to change without prior notice. For additional policies regarding your user experience as a visitor, please read our Terms of Service.