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  S&P 500: Total and Inflation-Adjusted Historical Returns: Historical performance of the U.S. stock market, measured through the S&P500 index. Charts for total return and inflation-adjusted data are included.

  A Walk Through Gambling, Insurance, Investments and Probabilities, or Why Investing Isn't Gambling, Although It Can Be: A 4-part feature where probability, diversification, risk profile shaping and other important investing concepts are explained through analogies with gambling and insurance.

  The Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH): Definition and Practical Implications: Brief tutorial about the Efficient Market Hypothesis, also known as the Efficient Market Theory. Its multiple definitions and some consequences.

  Leverage: What It Is and How We Can Profit from It: A short introduction to financial leverage applied to investments. What we should check before investing in a leveraged fund.

  Investing Tips for College Students: A scenario of long-term investing, provided by a college student who want to invest for retirement, with a summary of points to consider.

  ETF Market Expanding with Narrower, More Expensive Funds: An short report on the recent evolution of the ETF market towards specialized funds.

  Total Return to Measure Fund, Bond and Stock Performance: Total return, a measure of investment performance that is better than price increase, is explained concisely in this article.

  Fund-Investor Intelligence at Morningstar®: Review of one of our sponsor's website, and the information, commentary and tools they offer for evaluating mutual funds.

  Limitations of Total Return as a Measure for Fund, Bond and Stock Performance: Describes factors that are not considered in total return although they intervene in investment perfomance.

  What are the Requirements to Become a CFP? Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification plays an important role in the growing demand for financial-advisory professional services. This documents briefly describes its requirements.

  Invest in the Brazilian & South American stock market with Covestor and This article introduces an investible South-American model stock portfolio with data provided by SSI. You can find more coverage of this portfolio at our repository of its investment reports.

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