Investing Guide

Welcome to our investing guide, the heart of Simple Stock Investing. What follows is a step-by-step introduction to stock investing made simple and safe. The parts link to articles with supporting data and further explanations, many of which are under construction, so you may want to subscribe to our RSS Feed for update notices.

Table of contents

1 Invest in Stock and Bonds? Why?
We begin by explaining what an investment in stock and bonds offers that a certificate of deposit or a savings account doesn't.

2 Measures of Investment Performance
How do you measure if an investment is doing well or not? This is important for applying not only to your own results, but to evaluate investment managers and funds too.

3 Passive Investing Strategy
This guide focuses on a kind of investing known as passive or diversified buy and hold. Part 3 is a concise explanation about what this style is.

4 Mutual and Exchange-Traded (ETF) Funds
Funds are great investment vehicles for the diversified investor. Read about what they are and their different types.

5 Stock Market Basics
Knowing about shares of stock is useful for analyzing stock funds. Part 5 is a brief tutorial on the subject.

6 Bonds, Money-Market Instruments and Other Underlying Assets
A diversified portfolio usually contains not just stock funds but bond funds too, and other assets classes. Read about these other portfolio components.

7 What are Index Funds?
There is a growing trend in passive investing, which is the use of index funds as their investment vehicles. Part 7 treats what stock-market indexes and index funds are, plus their advantages.

8 Asset Allocation Overview
Asset allocation is the first step of portfolio design. This is a brief tutorial on the subject.

Following parts are under construction. You can subscribe to our RSS Feed to receive update notices. More content can be found in our articles. Enjoy your browsing!